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Project manager workflow

This page summarises the main process from the point of view of the project manager. For present purposes, we focus only on a single issue - the same process would obviously be repeated for every issue in the project.

Assign an issue to a developer

When a new issue is linked to a project, it appears in the To do column of the project task board. At a project meeting, or a some other point, the task is assigned to a developer. The issue remains in the To do column until the DoR is complete.

Review readiness

One the developer has completed the DoR, they will request approval to start coding. This could be done as a meeting, or on the strength of the documentation provided in the Readiness comment on the issue.

If everything is ready to go, move the task into the In progress column.

Merge pull request

Development and code review should be done by the development team. The result should be an approved pull request in the Reviewer approved column of the task board.

Open the pull request and click the green Merge pull request button. This will reveal a button to delete the development branch which you should click.

Merging the pull request automatically moves it into the Done column of the project task board.

Close issue

The final step in the process is to open the issue and click the Close button at the end of the conversation. This will automatically move the issue into the Done column of the task board.