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Cohort staff

Cohort team

Shows the teaching team for this cohort. The teaching team deliver the taught sessions for the module, perform any centrally-organised assessment and are responsible for module leadership. This list does not include all of the supervisors, tutors, etc.

Clicking the down-arrow in a column heading allows you to sort or filter the list

To create a new group, click New.

To update the WAM for someone on the team, enter the required number directly into the field on this page. Changes are made immediately without the need to click a Save button.

Please note that WAMs for module leadership (ML) must be entered here - they are not calculated automatically. The caluclation is

ML = 15 + 0.1 * number of students

Clicking menu displays an action menu for a specific record.

Actions for individual groups are:

edit Edit: Update the details for a team member

delete Delete: Delete a team member

NB. If you delete a team member, any WAM information will also be removed.