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The Module Leader is responsible for defining the teaching team for a cohort. This definition includes an explicit WAM value for each team member.

Mentor tracks both allocations or planned work, and assignments which are actual associations with students. Both types of data need to be transferred to the WAM system. Doing this is a three-step process.

1. Create a snapshot

Staff allocations and assignments can change at any time for a number of reasons. A snapshot is a record of the state of the system at a particular moment. Snapshots should be created on a weekly basis.

2. Check for changes

Mentor makes it easy to compare one snapshot with the previous one. Changes are highlighted, and a description is generated to explain how the WAM value is made up. If there is no difference between the most recent snapshot and the previous one, this is the end of the process.

3. Update the WAM system

The WAM system should contan exactly the same information as in the earlier snapshot. Only the changes need to be transferred. It is important to include the description - this provides useful information to Heads of Subject and to members of academic staff about their WAM is calculated.


The WAM system occasionally pulls data from other University systems and may overwrite existing information. To safeguard against unexpected changes to the data, it is important to cross-check the data in Mentor with the data in the WAM system regularly. It is recommended that this is done monthly.

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