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View snapshot changes

View snapshot changes

This page identifies the difference between the current snapshot and the previous one. This makes it easy to update the relevant records in the WAM system.

Clicking the down-arrow in a column heading allows you to sort or filter the list. This page is read-only.

When matching the data from Mentor to the WAM system, remember that Mentor identifies a cohort by its start trimester and that the related module may last up to three trimesters. The data in the WAM system is derived from SITS which represents each trimester of a module delivery separately. The related occurrences share the same occurrence number.

Taking the example of the 40-credit Honours project, SOC10101, this means that SITS and WAM will show two entries, one for each trimester and both entries will have the same occurrence number.

This page reports the WAMs for each trimester separately, but to match the Mentor record with the WAM record, you need to use the Cohort, SITS occurrence and Trimester columns. Remember that the trimester number shown as part of the cohort name is the start trimester of the module.

The Old WAM and Old description columns show the information from the previous snapshot.This should correspond to the current allocation for the member of staff in the WAM system. If the change represents a new assignment, there is no previous allocation and these column contain dashes.

The WAM and Description columns show the new data that needs to be transferred to the WAM system.

The Description text summarises the allocation. This should be entered into the Comment field in the WAM system.