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Mentor uses role-based security to control access to different functions (menu options). The diagram below illustrates the roles that are currently implemented (in black) and those which will be introduced later (in grey).

Mentor roles

All staff

Some functions are available to all users as long as they have logged in. These are typically information functions that can be used for reference.


Some operations in Mentor are designed to be done by the School Office. For a user with the office role, the homepage will display information about the most recent WAM snapshot and estimate data. At different times of the year, it is important to keep these two sets of data up to date.


Most academic staff need access to information relating to their own allocations and assignments. For a user in the academic role, the homepage displays summary information about their current assignments.

The academic role provides users with detailed information about their allocations and assignment via the My allocations menu option. This information allows the user to identify any discrepancies that they can discuss with their Head of Subject.

Head of Subject

The Head of Subject (HoS) is responsible for deciding how many students each member of their staff should be responsible for. This information is entered via the Allocate menu option. Once entered, this data is visible to Module Leaders (MLs) when they are assigning specific people to students.

Module Leader

A user in the module role has access to a list of their modules via the My modules menu option. From that list the ML can then drill down to a further page displaying either individual students or groups depending on the requirements of the module. The details page shows the members of staff already assigned to a student or group, and also allows the ML to update those assignments.

A further development planned for the module role will introduce a dashboard view to give MLs and overview of each module they are responsible for and to alter them to any issues.


This role is for overall system administration and provides access to a range of maintenance functions.

Programme Leader

This role has been requested but has not yet been implemented. It will provide a dashboard view of the students and modules related to a particular programme so that the Programme Leader (PL) has an overview of the current status of the data which will quickly identify any issues.