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This page deals with structural elements of the system - that is, those types of data that do not change very much and which are not time dependent. The main challenge with these categories of information is keeping them up to date when changes do occur. This is particularly important for new members of staff.

There are some processes in Mentor that affect the structral data. For example, when the details of a student cohort are imported as part of the scheduling process, any unrecognised programme code causes a stub record to be created. The details for the new programme need to be complete manually as indicated in a feedback message at the end of the import procedure.

Help pages

The links below duplicate the help information provided within the application.

Subject groups




Programme-module associations

From an item in the list of modules, an action menu option shows the programmes that contain the module. Similarly, from the list of programmes, and action menu item shows the SOC module that form part of the programme.