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Edit module

Edit module

A module requires eight pieces of information:

  • Code: eight-character module code (e.g. SOC10101)
  • Title
  • Module leader: select from the drop-down list
  • Default trimesters: the expected duration of the module in trimesters. If a module is paused during TR3, then TR3 should not be counted in the duration.
  • Trimester 3: tick the box if the module DOES run in TR3
  • Credits: select from the drop-down list
  • SCQF level: select from the drop-down list
  • Has groups: tick this box if students work in groups for the module

When you create a module, you must also specify the roles that need to be allocated to members of staff. This is indicated in the breadcrumbs.

Clicking Next will take you to the page where you can specify the required roles.

Clicking Cancel will take you back to the list of modules without saving.