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List snapshots

WAM snapshots

Summary data on all existing WAM snapshots.

A WAM snapshot is a record of the WAMs for each member of academic staff at a given moment in time. The information provided in a snapshot is easy to transfer to the WAM system. However, this is currently a manual process. Snapshots need to be created on a regular basis in order to identify updates that need to be made to the data in the WAM system.

Clicking the down-arrow in a column heading allows you to sort or filter the list. The snapshot date is the date that the snapshot was created.

To create a new snapshot, click New.

Clicking menu displays an action menu for a specific record.

Actions for individual estimates are:

zoom_in View: View the snapshot details

sync_alt Changes: View the changes since the last snapshot.

download Export: Export staff WAM totals for the year to an Excel spreadsheet

delete Delete: Delete a snapshot


In general, snapshots should not be deleted since they form an ongoing record of WAMs for each member of academic staff.