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Import cohort

Import cohort spreadsheet

The spreadsheet has been uploaded, but to import the data you must specify which columns to use.

In the lower part of the page is a representation of the spreadsheet. You can use this as a reference to select the correct columns.

Use the drop-down lists to select the right column for each of the required data values.

Comments is the only optional column.

Possible errors

  • The process assumes that the first row of the spreadsheet contains column headings. If this row is missing, or there are blank rows, or there are multiple header rows, the import may work, will import incorrect data. Please check the spreadsheet before trying to upload it.

  • To import successfully, all rows must have data values in the required columns. If the import process detects any rows with data missing, it will report an error. You then need to fix the data in the spreadsheet and try again.

  • All programme/route codes must exist in the database. If the import process finds an unknown code, it will report an error. You then need to make sure that the programme records in the system are complete and correct and try the import again.

Clicking Import will add the students to the database. If a student does not already exist, a new record will be created. All students will be added to the cohort that you selected in the first step.

Clicking Cancel will remove the file an take you back to the home page without saving.