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List cohort members

Cohort members

Summary data on all cohort memberss. A cohort is the group of students signed up for a particular delivery of a module. This is different from a student who may be a member of several different cohorts.

Clicking the down-arrow in a column heading allows you to sort or filter the list

To add a student to the cohort, click New.

To return to the list of cohorts, click Done.

The names of available members of staff can be seen by using the drop-down list(s). Where a number appears in brackets next to a person's name it shows the remaining capacity allocated by the Head of Subject. A positive number indicates capacity that is available to use. A negative number indicates that the persons assignments for this module exceed the allocation set by their Head of Subject. If no number is shown, then either the person's allocation for this module is fully utilised, or they have no allocation for this module.

Note that updating the staff member assigned in a particular role has immediate effect. The new value is stored in the database, and in addition, a record of the change is also created. Staff assignments may also be made by an administrator.

Clicking menu displays an action menu for a specific record.

Actions for individual cohort members are:

add_comment Add comment: Add a comment to the cohort member's history

history History: View the cohort member's history

email Email: Send an email to the student or related members of staff

edit Edit: Update the details for a cohort member

delete Delete: Delete a cohort member

NB. It is not possible to delete a cohort if other information depends on it.