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List cohorts


Summary data on all cohorts. A cohort is the group of students signed up for a particular delivery of a module. The cohort is defined by the trimester in which the module starts.

Note that in SITS, a module that runs over more than one trimester will have a record for each trimester and they are linked together by the instance number. This is a three-digit code usually starting with 00. You can record the SITS occurrence against a cohort for easy (re-)identification.

The estimated number of students is a static number - i.e. it is not updated automatically.

Clicking the down-arrow in a column heading allows you to sort or filter the list

To create a new cohort, click New.

Clicking menu displays an action menu for a specific record.

Actions for individual cohorts are:

person Students: Manage the members of a cohort

group Groups: Manage the groups associated with a cohort (only shown for modules with groups)

recent_actors Allocated staff: Displays a list of staff with allocations for this cohort

face Cohort team: Manage the members of staff on the teaching team for the module

edit Edit: Update the details for a cohort

delete Delete: Delete a cohort

NB. It is not possible to delete a cohort if other information depends on it.