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Edinburgh Napier University

UAS Operating Safety Case

Version 2.1 (9 Jan 2024)

1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this site is to record the key data associated with the safe operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) by those working on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University (ENU).

1.2 Scope

This document is a combined Safety and Operations Manual, compliant with Volume 1 – Operations Manual as set out in CAP722A, covering all aspects of ENU's use of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) or drones in accordance with the requirements of the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s Operational Authorisation UKPDRA-01.

Edinburgh Napier University’s core business is education and research. UAS will be used in relation to teaching and research projects that require

  • Aerial surveys with visual light cameras and other sensors
  • Use of a mobile network node for ad-hoc communications
  • Inspection of remote locations and facilities
  • Aerial photography and videography as required for research and teaching purposes
  • Intelligent control of autonomous vehicles

1.3 Overarching Strategy

Edinburgh Napier University's strategy, Driving Distinctiveness, sets out an overall goal of delivering high quality education and research to add value to the social, cultural and economic capital of our communities and shape their development. To achieve this, we will

  • Build careers
  • Grow our networks
  • Advance knowledge
  • Grow sustainably

1.4 Safety Statement

Safety is paramount and ENU has put essential safeguards in place to maintain a safe environment for all involved or connected to UAS operations. This Operations Manual describes the organisation, aircraft systems, personnel, flight operations and procedures by which ENU carries out its Unmanned Aircraft System operations.

ENU is committed to the safe conduct of all its unmanned aircraft system operations and will ensure that the systems deployed are maintained and prepared in accordance with industry best practice. All operations will be carried out in accordance with the issued operational authorisation PDRA01 and abide by the requirements of Assimilated Regulation (EU) 2019/947, its AMC (Acceptable Means of Compliance) and ANO 2016/765 or ANO 2016 as amended.

It is accepted that the contents of this document do not override the necessity of reviewing and complying appropriately with any new or amended regulation published from time to time by the CAA addressed by this document.

1.5 Document Control and Amendment Process

All amendments to this Operations Manual are to be made by Brian Davison or other suitably qualified person and will be recorded on the Change Log Page. Each amendment is identified with a new version number, an amendment date, and a list of the major amendments incorporated. All amendments will be signed off by the Accountable Manager, Brian Davison.

The CAA will be informed of all major updates such as new aircraft or pilots.

All personnel working on behalf of ENU will be informed of any changes to this Operations Manual and they must ensure they have access to a current up-to-date version either in electronic or paper format.

Brian Davison
9 January 2024

© Copyright Edinburgh Napier University - 2024 All rights reserved. Copies of this publication may not be reproduced for personal, company or organisational use without the expressed permission of Edinburgh Napier University.