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Flight documentation is recorded in the form of Word documents that are stored in a central location. This section documents the procedures to be followed at each stage of a project. In overview, the sequence of events is shown in the diagram below. These main stages are broken down further in the timeline.



Multiple sources should be used to check key information e.g. airspace, NOTAMs, weather etc. This is to avoid incorrect/missing information affecting the legality/safety of a flight. The references page provides links to resources categorised according to how they may be used; however, this information is not exhaustive. Please use all relevant sources as appropriate and inform the accountable manager is the list of references needs to be updated.

Flight codes

Each operation requires a unique flight code that is entered onto all relevant forms. A new flight code can be generated by entering the basic data for the operation into the flight codes spreadsheet

General procedure

The general procedure for planning an executing an operation is captured in the timeline. Details of specific stages of the process along with relevant template documents are provided on the relevant pages.

Special operations

As well as the generic procedures described in the timeline, templates are provided for certain types of operation: