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Change log

Version 2.1

9 Jan 2024

Replace references to "Regulation (EU) 2019/947 as retained (and amended in UK domestic law)" with “Assimilated Regulation (EU) 2019/947” according to the advisory notes from the CAA.

Version 2.0

14 Dec 2023

Updated §1.4 to include AMC statement.

Updated §3.2 to remove historical reference to the Computational Sustainability Lab

Updated §3.6 to include statement on overflight of uninvolved persons.

Updated §3.12 to include statement on remote pilot unfitness due to injury, fatigue, medication, sickness or other causes.

Updated §4.3 to include AMC statement.

Updated emergency procedures section to include abnormal environmental conditions procedure

Updated operations timeline to show 28 days as the lead time for non-standard flight permissions rather than 21

Updated operations timeline to include logging into relevant operator account

Updated UAS details to remove M100 and include additional devices

Version 1.1 FINAL

20 Dec 2022

Updated text to refer to the whole university and not just the Computational Sustainability Lab.

Updated the use of abbreviations for consistency

Updated organisation details to include new operator id

Updated referenced document versions

Version 1.0 FINAL

18 Aug 2022

Final confirmation of content from Coptrz

Version 0.2

28 Jul 2022

Minor updates based on initial feedback comments from Coptrz

Version 0.1

18 Jul 2022

Original version