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Documents referred to in this manual are listed on this page. It also provides links to useful sources of information and reporting services. Sources of information may be listed more than once if they are relevant to more than one category.


Reference Full Title Issue Number Date of Issue
Air Navigation Order 2016/765 Air Navigation Order 2016 SI 2016 No 765 N/A 13 April 2022
CAP 382 Mandatory Occurrence Reporting Scheme N/A July 2021
CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations – Guidance Version 9 7 December 2022
CAP 722A Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace – Operating Safety Cases Version 2 7 December 2022
CAP2013 Air Navigation Order 2020 Amendment – Guidance for unmanned aircraft system users Version 1 17 December 2020
CAP1059 Safety Management Systems: Guidance for small, non-complex organisations Version 1 June 2013
CAP1789A The UAS Implementing Regulation; UK consolidated text Version 7 2 December 2022
UAS IR Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 N/A 24 May 2019

Reference Full Title Issue Number Date of Issue
M100 User Guide DJI Matrice 100 User Guide Version 1.6 March 2016
Mini 3 Pro User Guide DJI Mini 3 Pro User Guide Version 1.6 April 2023
P3 User Guide DJI Phantom 3 User Guide Version 1.4 July 2017
Mavic3E User Guide DJI Mavic 3E User Guide Version 1.6 September 2023
Airspace, aeronautical information and reporting


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