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Craiglockhart training

Craiglockhart campus has a convenient area of grass suitable for training and practice sessions. Template documents are provided below to facilitate repeat events. the main requirements are:

  • The session must be led by a member of staff holding a GVC qualification.
  • Forms must be completed at least one week in advance of the event.
  • The leader must review the template documents to ensure that all requirements are met.
  • An incident number must be obtained from Police Scotland in advance of the session

When completing the template documents, all text in red must be replaced by the relevant details.

When completing the risk assessment, the leader must double-check the risk items before initialling them.


  1. Obtain a flight code using the flight codes spreadsheet
  2. Download the template documents
  3. Update the viability study template
  4. Update the site evaluation
  5. Update the risk assessment
  6. Complete and circulate the unusual events form


The steps above are designed to speed up the process but it is still the operation leader's responsibility to ensure that the operation complies with all legal and safety requirements. Check the timeline for guidance.