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This example is intended for you to work through yourself before you look at the solution. It consists of two related spreadsheets, recipes.xalx and suppliers.xlsx, which are used to manage a set of recipes.

The first stage involves normalising each spreadsheet individually using the standard three-stage procedure. An Excel template is provided for you to record your results.Create as many worksheets as you need by copying the blank template.

Each spreadsheet will yield a set of entities. Because the spreadsheets are related, it is probably that there will be some duplication. The second stage is to take the results of the normalisation process to check whether any consolidation is required. You can document this final stage on an additional worksheet in the Excel file.

In the end, your Excel normalisation record should have one worksheet per spreadsheet, plus one more for your consolidation - that makes threee worksheets in this example.

To finish off the exercise, create an ER diagram in UML format which represents your final results.