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First hover over the table - this reveals the link handles. They are the light blue arrows pointing away from the shape. Move the mouse to hover directly over one of these to see the tooltip.

Try different ways of creating linked tables

  • Drag new table shape onto canvas, then add connector (snap to connection points)
  • Ctrl-click to clone, then add connector
  • Ctrl-drag to clone and connect in one go

Remove unwanted objects

Use the del key or the context menu

Adjust connector lines

Try moving linked tables to see what happens to connecting lines. Hover over a section of a line and the cursor will change to either Horizontal line cursor or Vertical line cursor letting you move that section. With this method, you can change the appearance of the line so that it does not necessarily end at the anchor points on each shape. Here is an example where the default positions of the connector lines have been altered:

Connector lines example

Add labels

Double-click on the canvas to create a text container and adjust its position manually.

You can create a text container that is associated with a line by double-clicking on the line. will then attempt to reposition the label if the position of the line changes. However, this is not particularly reliable. Some times a label can become associated with a line when you drag it close. The clue that this is about to happen is that the line is highlighted in blue.

Finished ER diagram with labels