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Normalisation is a fundamental skill that you need to master when working with relational databases. This practical provides a series of normalisation examples for you to practise on. At the end of each exercise, you should also create an ER diagram which describes your results.

Start each exercise by creating a new copy of the Excel normalisation template. There are a couple of rules to keep in mind when using the template:

  • Each stage in the normalisation process involves copying the results of the previous stage into the appropriate place in the template

  • Replace the placeholder text with your own notes as you go through. If there is nothing to say, delete the placeholder text

NB. The solutions to the exercises are not provided here - after you have finished each one you should attract the attention of one of the module staff (tutor or demonstrator) to give you feedback on your work.



Exercise Expected number of entities Rating Source
Clothing supplies 2 Easy Source file
More clothing supplies 3 Easy Source file
Student records 4 Medium Source file
Feeding time at the zoo 6 Hard Source file
Film listings 6 Very hard Source file